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To be ANTI-SOPITALIST means to stand with those who do not approve of the unproductive parts of society getting rich on the backs of the-productive people. There is only one reason prices should be rising, some people do not work their fair share and make it more expensive for others to have the necessities of life that is what printing money does. So, how exactly do the SOPITALISTS get rich? They must do something to manipulate things to their benefit and everyone else's detriment. Yes they do. They use their connections and money to stand first in the cycle of money that government recycles endlessly.

Free Capitalism is Dead. President OBAMA was elected only to serve as the ringmaster to the final ceremony of that event. Capitalism was never free, just like Communism was never free, they both had SO(cialism) for (ca)PITAL ONLY, for the longest time. Except, these days SOPITALISTS are not hiding any more, they are manipulating things out in pubic faces and blatantly violating our constitutional rights to small government and small (not too big to fail) businesses. We are being saddled with debt as far as they EYES can see, and in the name of "doing it for our benefit and benefit of future generations.

But I ask you, who gave anyone the right to put our nation into a $200000/person debt without explicit agreement? As far as I can tell, NOBODY. Is it any wonder that the population is diminishing, as people are waking up to the fact that they do not want to be born in $200000 of overdraft. No wonder Mexicans have been noticed to be running to the back of the fence leaving "American Dream".

Great George Carlin must have been right, that "American Dream exists as long as you are asleep". Modern Sopitalists, just think that they can get away with it. Distributing money now to their constituents, while making our children slaves forever. I never imagined that I would regret the day I left USSR to become USA citizen and hope that we will do all in our normal powers to let the government know (Republicans and Democrats alike) that enough is enough.




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